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Better Player - Better to Best Adult Hockey Program

What is The Better to Best Adult Hockey Program?

Welcome to the Better to Best Adult Hockey Program. Here we are going to teach you basic skills and or help you improve on existing skills. We are also going to teach you some simple game play individual tactics as well as basic team tactics. This is a fun 11 week program for adults that maybe started playing later in life or adults that played at a younger age but got away from the game and are looking to get back into hockey.

This is a fun informative program allowing adults of all abilities and levels to improve at the game of hockey to allow for more enjoyment during your recreational pass time.

What Should You Expect?

  • Improve your skating skills
  • Improve your Puck Skills
  • Improvement on your Shooting and passing Skills
  • Learn basic individual tactics such as puck protection, evasive movements
  • Learn and begin to understand basic team concepts and game play. (defensive zone, offensive zone)
  • Improvement in hockey knowledge allowing you to read and react to the game on the ice better

What Do We Expect?

  • Need to have some basic skating ability (Can stand up and glide with some relative control and balance)
  • Full Equipment. (must wear full hockey equipment)
  • Come with an open mind and attitude and will to get better
  • Desire to laugh and have fun

We can help you be better and enjoy the game more, Guaranteed.

Register For This Program:

Register Program SKU / Camp Name Ages Price Dates
Register view details Adult Hockey Winter/Adult1
Millwoods Rec Centre
Adult Better to Best Hockey Program Winter (details)
18+ $451 1/6/2024-3/16/2024
Register view details Skating Lessons SpruceGroveHPPS
Stu Barnes Arena
high Perfomance Power Skating U11/U13/ U15 Full Year (Spruce Grove) (details)
8 to 13 $695 10/7/2021-3/10/2022