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  • Better Skater Program

Better Player - Better Skater All Ages Program

What is The Better Skater Program?

The Better Skater program is a comprehensive skating program designed to enhance the skills of skaters of all ages and abilities, from 4-year-olds learning to skate to 50-year-olds looking to stay in shape. Our program offers tailored training to suit every age group and skill level, ensuring that each skater progresses in balance, control, and agility. The result is a technically superior skater who can confidently handle themselves on the ice, thanks to a stride that maximizes speed while minimizing effort, as well as mastery of edges and stopping techniques. Throughout the program, skaters will learn to coordinate their body movements to generate maximum power, resulting in an exceptional skating experience.

What Should You Expect?

  • In the first lesson, small groups will be formed and made based on current overall group abilities.
  • 9 well planned progressive lessons covering all the main basic skating points. (Forward, backwards, Stopping, Turning, Balance, and intro to Cross overs)
  • A healthy balance of new skills and review of learned skills to help improvement
  • 10th lesson will be a fun final game day.
  • There is a learn to skate group in the beginner program. (so, no skating experience is needed to attend)

What Do We Expect?

  • Proper fitting equipment including:
    • A CSA, DOT, or Snell Approved Helmet.
    • Gloves that cover the full hand
    • A pair of lace up skates
    • Full sleeves (no skating in a t-shirt)
    • (Advice will be provided after lesson one if there are concerns or questions)
  • Helmets to be worn at all times, as well as gloves and full sleeves
  • Come ready to learn and able to behave in a small group setting
  • Desire to listen, learn, laugh and most importantly, have fun!

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