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  • Stickhandling Programs and Puck Handling Camps



Stickhandling is the second most important skill for a hockey player to have. If you’re the first to the puck all the time but have no ability to handle it when you get to it, the point of being first to the puck is lost. At Better Player we teach you how to handle the puck in all situations on the ice. Handling the puck in close quarter battles in corners and along the wall requires a different style of puck handling in compared to wide open full speed, open ice puck handling.

Other puck handling skills that tend to be missed are simple puck protection techniques. We teach players how to position the puck in a manner that it makes it very hard for opponents to remove the puck from you.

You can be a great puck handler with out all the fancy stick handling as long as you know how to protect the puck. At Better Player we combine the quick evasive pucks skills that make the high light reals with the puck protection to make you the hardest player on the ice to remove from the puck.

Programs to work on puck handling:

  • Better to Best Programs